Dining in Denver

March 2006

Last week I ate the following: Monday: Salmon and yellowtail nigiri and a firecracker roll at Sushi Den. Tuesday: A sandwich with Black Forest ham, pear, Swiss, watercress, and apricot jam from Tables. Wednesday: A chorizo breakfast burrito from Dazbog, Tom Yum shrimp soup from Tuk Tuk, and butternut squash cappellacci at Venice (downtown). Thursday: Ceviche sampler at Tula. Friday: Barbecue ribs and brisket from M&D's. Saturday: Grilled calamari with arugula pesto and caramelized shallots and sage-lemon-parsley-crusted elk loin at Ajax Tavern. Sunday: Two Coors Lights and a soft pretzel with most of the salt picked off. (Why? Because I was off duty.)