Review: The Okoboji Inn and SoHo Evergreen

March 2006

Cottage Country Cooking
By Carol W. Maybach
The Okoboji Inn
5280 W. 25th Ave., Edgewater, 303-723-9599

The Draw
An homage to the famed Iowa lake resort, complete with "ski boat" seating.

The Drawback
Limited hours of operation and a menu (though authentic) full of fried foods.

Don't Miss
The best broasted chicken in the West.

Vegetarian Options
Red-hot chile poppers, fried vegetable medley, tossed salad.

So-so SoHo
By Elisabeth True
SoHo Evergreen
28215 Highway 74, Evergreen, 303-670-3000

The Draw
Comfort cuisine and a contemporary space combine for an urban experience in historic Evergreen.

The Drawback
A few instances of overmanipulated dishes.

Don't Miss
French dip, baked goat cheese, veal piccata, apple pie.

Vegetarian Options
Farmers' market salad, baked goat cheese, wild mushroom lasagna, polenta torte.