April 2006

O Pioneers!

The Fort
19192 Highway 8, Morrison, 303-697-4771, www.thefort.com

The Draw
One of the most historically significant menus and settings in the West.
The Drawback
Very high prices and sloppy dish presentation.
Don't Miss
Roasted bison marrowbones, Colorado lamb chops, and Sam's Famous Cheesecake.
Vegetarian Options
Roasted vegetable tower and a variety of sides.

Tout Sweet

Emogène Patisserie and Cafe 2415 E. Second Ave., 303-388-7900

The Draw
A jewel box of a cafe where you can indulge in sugar, caffeine, and high-octane cocktails.
The Drawback
The narrow space can feel cramped if crowded.
Don't Miss
Chocolate croissant, roast beef sandwich, lime-jelly-filled truffle, white-chocolate and raspberry muffin.
Vegetarian options
Mediterranean salad, all the pastries and sweets; any sandwich and salad can be requested vegetarian.