Sweet Struts

Of the firm belief that the best way to eat an ice cream cone is while walking—think moonlit romance, calorie-crunching, and total freedom from sticky-fingered 5-year-olds—we explored 10 of Denver's ice cream and gelato shops and the best walks to take from them. Your job is to choose a flavor, order a cone, and start kickin' and wanderin'.
August 2006

The Afternoon with the Girls Cone

Daily Scoop: 3506 E. 12th Ave., 303-388-3245

Nothing says dainty and feminine like crème brûlée frozen custard and a pedicure. And you can have both in a matter of minutes (or hours…we wouldn’t want to rush you) on East 12th Avenue at Madison Street. The Daily Scoop provides the cone, and your choices are rich chocolate and vanilla or the shop’s daily flavor—anything from crème brûlée to juicy peach. The swanky Berenice’s Salon or the old-school Lara’s Beauty Studio—both due west of the Daily Scoop—do the fancy footwork. Flaunt your newly painted nails with a walk over to Wild Flowers, a potted plant and home decor boutique, or at Lamb Shoppe, a yarn store-turned-coffee shop, with afternoon knitting gatherings.

The Throwback to Childhood Cone

Magill’s World of Ice Cream: 8016 W. Jewell Ave., Lakewood, 303-986-9968

Nestled in a strip mall, Magill’s doesn’t exactly invite walking. A trip to and from the car will probably be your only calorie- burner, but what you miss in exercise you’ll make up in romantic nostalgia. This 25-year-old dive houses a sundae bar, gumball machines, and alternating blue and red booths. Try a scoop of Piece of Cake (vanilla and chocolate ice cream with cookie crumb) and memories will have you back at your third-grade birthday party. If you’re looking for a post-cake-and-ice-cream activity (and a miniwalk), hop back in the car and head over to Putter’s Pride, a minigolf course just a few miles away on south Kipling.

The Italian Passaggio Cone

Gelato d’Italia: 250 Detroit St., 303-316-9154

Weekend afternoons in Italy are reserved for il passaggio, a leisurely arm-in-arm walk broken only to rest on plaza benches. To do the same on this side of the Atlantic, get a pistachio cone from Gelato d’Italia, head right to Third Avenue, and loop south onto Fillmore. Immediately, you’ll enter a world of art galleries, pensive outdoor sculptures, and a string of semicircular benches. Want to linger in the shade? Rest in front-row sculpture-viewing seats? Or people-watch? Sit down, lick a while, and think about it. Then continue on, looping back to Gelato d’Italia, via a series of shops, for your street-side macchiato, or continue on to Soleil Mediterranean Grille & Wine Bar for a bar stool and a glass of Erd Vicchio.