One Space, Two Weeks, Four Designers, Three Total Makeovers

September 2006

One space, two weeks, four designers, three total makeovers

All we did was provide the space: a loft-style building in downtown’s Riverfront Park. We took three identical empty units—walls white, rooms bare. Then we called in the design experts, and in the course of two weeks they took a white box and transformed it three wildly different ways—a velvety and English-inspired traditional look, a clean contemporary look, and a sleek yet warm eclectic look. Think this kind of makeover is only for the pros? Think again. We show you the how, why, where, and how much, plus great ideas for quick fixes, direct from the designers—proving that, when it comes to decorating your home, the possibilities are limitless. (Although, we’d suggest giving yourself more than two weeks...)

Pam Keller: Castle Interiors
Kelker’s a-ha! moment happened the instant she found the white sofa and chairs ($7,700 and $3,600 at Ebanista). Immediately drawn to their crisp, clean look, she knew they would be the perfect anchor for her room concept: a traditional look in a downtown loft. Overly patterned fabrics would compete with the vastness of the space, created by the floor-to-ceiling view. Crisp white would enhance it.
Advice: “Start with one piece that you love, and—here’s the key—commit to it. So many people waiver once they’ve bought something…. Just be brave and stick with it. You can decorate an entire room around it.”
ResumÉ: Pam Kelker founded Castles Interiors 20 years ago and has been decorating Denver homes with her signature traditional style ever since. Career highlights include the Parade of Homes and Junior Symphony Guild show homes, though her favorite projects are remodels and new construction.