Top Docs 2006

230 doctors, 59 specialties, 23 hospitals, and 1 patient...you.

October 2006

You know the drill. You’ve got some kind of funky throat infection that’s getting you down. Or that trick knee is acting up again and you just can’t take it anymore. Or, God forbid, someone you love needs life-saving surgery. So, like everyone else, you sit down at the kitchen table, coffee cup in hand, and stare blankly at the 95-page Directory of Physicians and Providers booklet. Now you are sick.

No doubt you need to choose a doc within your individual plan, but you shouldn’t have to choose a physician that way—you might as well throw a dart at page 67. Luckily, we’re here to help. For the last 13 years, 5280 has brought you a credible, user-friendly list of the best physicians in the Denver area. And we’ve continued that tradition this year with our most comprehensive list ever.

In 2006, 5280’s Top Docs survey went high-tech as we placed the ballot online at www.5280.com. Using a last name and a valid Colorado medical license, every physician in the metro area was eligible to vote—as opposed to previous years when only 4,000 randomly selected docs could have their voices heard. It was a success. The survey generated 230 winners cast on 1,325 ballots—the largest response in the survey’s history.

Like any list of this kind, Top Doctors functions as a jumping-off point in the search for a doctor you can trust. The list includes each doctor’s hospital affiliations and his office address and phone number. Previous winners have the number of times they’ve appeared on the list printed beside their names. For more information on the selection process, turn to page 138.

So, get to it. After all, that clicking sound in your knee isn’t going to heal itself.