The 5280 Mountain Guide

November 2006

Summer is great in the Centennial State, but the truth is, we get downright giddy (in July) just thinking about skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, ice skating, snowmobiling—even just sipping hot cocoa with marshmallows on a chilly day. Here, 45 wintery things to do in this all-out, must-do insider’s guide to the best of the peaks. Plus: We help you navigate the I-70 madness and cash in on a bundle of high-altitude bargains. Now, go forth and rejoice in our mountainous playground.

Grab three friends and, for $285 per person, receive lodging for two nights at The Ruby of Crested Butte B&B (think fresh cinnamon rolls, Dutch apple pan­cakes, and homemade granola), dinner at a CB restaurant, and four lift tickets. Bonus: Bring your pooch along gratis. While you’re off skiing, arrange for Fido to go on a 30-minute stroll, an hour romp, or to have a spa treatment. 624 Gothic Ave., Crested Butte, 1-800-390-1338, www.therubyofcrestedbutte.com

At the base of Aspen Highlands, Iguana’s interior may be a riot of color, but the chicken nachos make for a perfect après-ski. Order a pitcher of Dos Equis and gear up for the mountain of double-fried, crispy chips that come covered in three kinds of cheese—melted Cheddar, shredded Jack and Cheddar, and gooey nacho cheese. And they don’t skimp on the other toppings either. Scoop up a chip full of shredded chicken, tomatoes, onion, guac, sour cream, and two kinds of salsa, and recount the best runs of the day. 0133 Prospector Road, Aspen, 970-920-9449, www.iguanasbarandgrille.com

Sign up for the Jan. 13 Colorado Ski Mountaineering Cup series (COSMIC) event at Sunlight Mountain. How this randonee-style race works: Begin on foot, run and clip into your skis, skin uphill to the course’s first gate, ski down to a second gate, and back up to the third. Continue, ultimately covering 2,500 vertical feet (gluttons for punishment can choose 4,500 vert). Sound like your brand of crazy? This is just one event in a series. Call 303-318-4149 for more information.