A Picture of Home

November 2006

My friend Michael Lynch told me that when he found a house in Washington Park he wanted to buy, he let friends know that it really didn’t need any work, that he could move in as is. Incredulous, I had to ask: “Did anyone actually believe that?”

“A few people were taken in,” he said, laughing. “Of course, the next thing you know I had all the kitchen cabinets out in the backyard. It’s compulsive.”

Compulsive? An understatement. Lynch has to date dismantled and reconstructed six homes, including his first purchase in 1976, a two-story Wash Park place not far from where he is now. After making that one just right, he redid a house in Morrison, then found a warehouse on Main Street in Littleton (“…A real dump when I found it,” he says. “I should have stayed there.”). After creating a showpiece out of the warehouse, he moved to the Steven’s School building near the Botanic Gardens, then it was down to Columbine Valley in Littleton and finally, full circle, he’s back in Wash Park with a 1,300-square-foot Tudor.

Buying, remodeling, and selling homes would make sense if Lynch’s profession was that of contractor or real estate agent, or, hell, even house painter. However, the kind of painting he does requires brushes not much wider than a thumb and rather small tubes of paint. Of course, it could very well be the artist in Lynch that pushes him to continually recreate his surroundings.