Dining Reviews

December 2006

Best Bites - Snooze
Few dishes are more comforting than tomato soup and grilled cheese. The combo brings back childhood memories of cozy lunches with Mom, steam rising from the bowl, fingertips burned from sandwiches hot off the grill. At Snooze it’s no different, except this ain’t Campbell’s or Velveeta on Wonder Bread. The down- town kitchen purées tomatoes with carrots and celery for depth, adding a hint of sugar for sweetness and a dollop of cream for richness. Topped with herbed focaccia croutons, the rustic potage proves a perfect companion for the decadent sourdough-Cheddar-Swiss-Jack grilled cheese. And when that’s gone, we dunk bites of crispy hash brown—made interesting with Kosher salt, black pepper, and onion powder—into the hearty soup. Snooze - 2262 Larimer St., 303-297-0700, www.snoozedenver.com

1. Amu Sake Bar and Restaurant
By Carol W. Maybach

(out of 4 stars)
1221 Spruce St., Boulder, 303-440-0733

The Draw
As close as you can get to the private sake bars of Japan—in Boulder.
The Drawback
Seating is limited, with only 10 seats at the bar and two tiny tables on the tatami mats.
Don't Miss
The assorted sunomono and sashimi, chawanmushi egg custard, mini chirash, and shabu shabu.
Vegetarian Options
Seaweed salad, tofu and avocado salad, deep-fried tofu, sautéed mountain yam with butter.

2. Back for more at… The Cherry Tomato
By Kazia Jankowski

(out of 4 stars)
4645 E. 23rd Ave., 303-377-1914

New Must-Try Dish
Pasta puttanesca
Old Favorites
Pasta Felese, veal saltimbocca