Prolong The Pampering

Sometimes you need more than a day (at the) spa.

February 2007

You make a reservation at the local day spa—something froufrou with citrus fragrances, creamy moisturizers, and a paraffin dip. Sounds good. You think it’ll be nice to have an hour to yourself to relax. But here’s the reality: You can’t unwind in 60 minutes. Not the melt into the bed, nearly falling asleep, nary a thought in your brain kind of relaxation that you crave. Which is why you should break out the calendar, find a long weekend, and book yourself (and your S.O. and even the kids, if you must) into one of Colorado’s destination spas.

With so many to choose from, you can hand-pick your perfect style of pampering—from resort spas that spare no expense to independent spas with an easy-rustic charm, there’s certainly one that’ll lower your blood pressure. And these locales are deliriously luxurious, so you’ll spend the rest of the weekend dining on good food, snuggling in fine, feather-filled linens, and winding down in style.