True Love

February 2007

We spend so much of our lives searching for love: Good dates, bad dates, flush times, lean times. We reach out, connect, think it’s for real, then realize it’s not. After so many miles on the road to romantic happiness, the relief of finding The One is monumental: Ahh. Love. You have arrived.

But what about what happens next?

This is where the sappy love stories often end, where the fairy tales fall silent. The reality of love sets in. But happy endings aren’t about the kiss, the ring, the castle: Love, authentic love, exists only in the real world.

Here, six Coloradans share their stories of true love after lust. There are moments when a wife finds her voice, when a day of heavy lifting brings new understanding, when the one that got away becomes the measuring stick, when loving again means letting go, when a family doesn’t love the one he loves, and when a guy figures out that there’s no such thing as a deal breaker after all.

Their stories are about where the real work of a romance begins, reminding us that no matter how maddening, elusive, powerful, or difficult it is, love really is the answer.