Best Bets

Best Bets

March 2007

1. Call of the Wild
The Banff Mountain Film Festival, one of the world’s largest and most prestigious adventure flick extravaganzas, takes to the road with its top picks and award-winners of the 2006 season. These films represent the best of the best in extreme outdoor cinematography—eye-bogglers worthy of their National Geographic affiliation and an international screening schedule spanning 33 countries. Watch climbers, kayakers, bikers, and skiers test their limits in mountain environments for a big-screen spectacle befitting of veteran mountaineers and armchair explorers alike.


2. When the Stars Align
In a gripping display of 3-D imagery and surround-sound technology, Cosmic Collisions presents a colorful history of the volatile forces that created nature’s everyday phenomena we take for granted: the glowing moon, the sun’s warmth, the changing seasons, the ebb and flow of the tides. Under the 56-foot dome of the Gates Planetarium, Robert Redford’s voice narrates the journey through cataclysmic collisions of planets, stars, and galaxies. The audience will feel the ground shake in a re-creation of the meteor impact that ended the Dinosaur Age 65 million years ago, and witness a disturbingly realistic future scenario built around an oncoming asteroid about to collide with the Earth.

Cosmic Collisions: Through 2007, Denver Museum of Nature & Science

3. Folk Firsts
The first annual Denver Folk & Roots Music Festival embodies the mission of Swallow Hill (to preserve multicultural folk arts and music in the Rocky Mountain region) in its debut at the Ellie—one of the country’s finest acoustic settings. Flamenco guitarist René Heredia, singer/songwriter duo Storyhill, and sizzling bluegrass band Sons and Brothers start things off, followed by world-class South American duo Choro Famoso and mandolinist Mike Marshall. The Taj Mahal Trio (above) wraps up the show in a tribute to the global spirit of folk and roots culture.

Denver Folk & Roots Music Festival: March 31, Ellie Caulkins Opera House

4. An Inside Perspective
Mile-High native Jared Steinberg paints Denver as he perceives it, based on his own connections to a city he knows intimately. For this month’s First Friday, he opens his studio to share “Slices of Denver”—new oil paintings of his favorite landmarks, including the Wash Park boathouse, Wazee Supper Club, Larimer Street, the Mayan Theatre, his alma mater East High School, and more. Steinberg’s art is interpretive, using elements such as people and symbols to tell a story about the place; his hope is for viewers to derive their own stories from these elements as they connect to the landmarks.

Slices of Denver: March 2, Yellow House Studio