Where Are They Now?

Post-election jobs for the folks who came up short in November '06.

April 2007

Bob Beauprez
Old Job: 7th District Congressman (R-Colorado)
Goal: Become Colorado's next governor
Fate: Spanked, 57%-40%
New Job: Runs A Line of Sight, an online conservative public-policy resource at
Two Cents: "It'd be a surprise if in 2008, I was a candidate for office. But I'm going to keep an oar in the water. I've told Dick Wadhams if I can help Republicans—even if that means stepping aside—I'm willing to do so."

Sean Duffy
Old Job: Executive Director,
Coloradans for Fairness and Equality
Goal: Pass Referendum I, legalizing domestic
Fate: Knocked down, 52%-48%
Two Cents: Consultant with public relations and political consultancy firm Kenney Group
Two Cents: "It's great to be in a firm that's working with a wide range of corporate, land use, and political clients. And maybe the fact that just about everybody in the firm is Irish helped my decision."

Rick O'Donnell
Old Job: Executive Director, Colorado Commission on Higher Education
Goal: Become Colorado's 7th District congressman
Fate: Squashed, 55%-42%
New Job: Consulting to pay the bills, training for Ironman triathlon later this summer
Two Cents: "I'll remain engaged in my community and provide some advice to folks who ask, but I'm not trying to keep a toe in politics. I'm jumping out of that pool with both feet."

Angie Paccione
Old Job: State Representative
(D-Fort Collins)
Goal: Unseat Marilyn Musgrave in Colorado's 4th Congressional District
Fate: Beat, 45%-43%
New Job: Consultant for leadership firm
Two Cents: "You haven't heard the last of me yet. I'm not just looking for a job to fill, but a need to fill. A place where my skills, my passion around leadership and education can fit... Marilyn continues to be one of the most extreme members of Congress. I'd be foolish not to look at challenging her again."

Mason Tvert
Old Job: Executive Director, SAFER (Safer Alternative For Enjoyable Recreation)
Goal: Pass Amendment 44, legalizing the
possession of one ounce or less of marijuana
Fate: Snuffed out, 59%-41%
New Job: Still living the dream
Two Cents: "We are continuing to organize for future ballot measures and activities in Colorado, particularly in Denver. It's time for our alcohol-friendly mayor and his police department to recognize the will of the city's voters."

Dick Wadhams
Old Job: Campaign Manager, Sen. George Allen (R-Virginia)
Goal: Manage Allen's re-election campaign
Fate: Edged out, 49.59%-49.20%
New Job: Chairman, Colorado Republican Party
Two Cents: "Democrats are already revealing their extremist core both in Congress and here in Colorado. And I can't wait for the left-wing sideshow otherwise known as the Democratic National Convention to arrive in Denver next year."