Letters - Fine Dining

May 2007


Fine Dining

It was elating to read about so many Denver-area restaurants specializing in savory and satiating vegetarian entrées and cuisine [“101 Dining Experiences Every Denverite Must Have,” March]. A world-class city needs to have dining establishments that have quality meatless dishes for people who abstain from flesh-foods for spiritual, moral, and animal-welfare reasons. Residents and visitors don’t need to be hard-core carnivores to thrive in the Mile-High City.
Brien Comerford
Glenview, Illinois


I, as always, enjoyed my latest issue of your magazine. In particular, the “It’s Easy Being Green” article as well as 5280’s latest restaurant guide [both in March].

When I went online yesterday to order takeout from one of my favorite new neighborhood restaurants, Sazza, in Greenwood Village, I noticed that it was not only built green but also uses environmentally safe cleaning products and always recycles. I had already known that it uses organic ingredients and supports local farmers, but was impressed with the environmental consciousness in which the restaurant was built-out and is run. They are doing all the right things and deserve some attention from your fine magazine.

P.S. Kudos to 5280 for the switch in paper stock—it will hopefully be an inspiration for other magazines to follow.

Jordan Pittman
Greenwood Village


Foodie Feedback

I was obviously very disappointed in your review of Hapa [“Back for More…Hapa Sushi Grill and Sake Bar,” February]. We have strived to make Hapa the best sushi restaurant in Colorado. It is apparent that you prefer a more traditional style of sushi. However, the fact that you found the quality of Hapa’s food and sushi less than pristine is of great concern. I am sorry this was your experience. We have not experienced complaints about our quality in the past. We fly (FedEx) most of our A1-grade tuna in directly from Hawaii. We have experienced chefs who take great pride in the product they put out. As for the other issues you pointed out, we have taken immediate steps to correct those problems. Hapa was created as a “nontraditional” sushi restaurant, a place where all guests would feel comfortable, sushi snobs as well as newbies. We have been fairly successful with a steady growth in sales at all our locations since our inception. Our guests seem to like what we do, including strawberries on their rolls. Again, I appreciate your comments and will work hard to correct the problems you pointed out.
Mark Van Grack - Owner
Hapa Sushi Grill & Sake Bar



From Steamboat, with Love

I just wanted to let you know that I was planning on cancelling my subscription to 5280. I just moved to the Steamboat Springs area and I thought reading about Denver restaurants and happenings would only make me miss it more. However, after finishing a previous issue, I decided that it was too good to let go and still relevant to me no matter where I lived. I was definitely glad for my decision when I received my next copy and saw that there was quite a bit of information on Steamboat Springs. Thank you so much!
Julie Arington
via e-mail




In “101 Dining Experiences Every Denverite Must Have” [March issue] we reported that the Peaks Lounge is located in the Grand Hyatt—it is actually located in the Hyatt Regency Denver at Colorado Convention Center, 650 15th St., 303-436-1234.


In “What, Me Worry?” [March issue] it was reported that a shooting at Mayor John Hickenlooper’s Cherry Cricket restaurant in Cherry Creek North had taken place in spring 2006. It actually occurred in May 2005.

We regret the errors.