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August 2007


My School, My Words


Aurora’s Gateway High School enjoys few of the benefits top schools take for granted. That’s not keeping its kids from having compelling insights about adolescent life.*


Those Empty Walls

Walking by the empty walls through the crowded halls of adolescent essence

Damn she looks nice and…what is she wearing?

Girl take it off and try again or he might notice you in the worst way

There goes the football team and…well there fell the brains of the operation

I hear the drama queen from the further side

The third boyfriend this month? What does love mean anymore?

Smile and wave at that friend you wish you didn’t know and…

Quick hide ‘cause here comes the stalker

It hurts seeing your ex around with someone new but…

The hand you hold as you walk fits perfectly

Kiss the honey before you enter that class and…

There’s that ex best friend who fought all night with that disapproving frown

The bell rings, here’s the teacher you love to hate

Two chapters by the end of the period? I’d rather just nap

The teacher makes an exit and… pop go the cell phones

Punch the keys and Laugh Out Loud at the insult that was “j/k”

Talking to your BFF and Be Right Back the teacher’s here

That’s a lot of homework and still two periods to go

Lunch…let’s go to Burger King ‘cause that pizza wasn’t meant to be eaten

Juniors and Seniors whiz by the underclassmen who lack the ability to drive

A few minutes left and…

That’s a long line let’s hit up the drive thru

No food in the halls so let’s sneak it in

Late to class

Good thing this is your favorite teacher

Oh but careful the principal is watching

Don’t you dare talk, referrals are nasty little things

That special someone’s in the next class…can the bell ring now?

They ditch the next period so…why don’t you?

Hurry home you’ve got a lot to do and…

That essay is being hindered by MySpace and suddenly it’s 4 hours later

Grab the caffeine it’s time for a late night of procrastination

Finish in the morning ‘cause your eyes are just hurting and

Shit the alarm didn’t go off finish the last page while eating that bagel

Jump in jump out shower’s barely running and…

Comb the hair ‘cause impressions matter

Get there just in time and you again find yourself walking past those empty walls

Through the crowded halls…

Where the guys wear girl pants and that’s the day its topsy turvy day and…

Be careful what you say, a bloody nose is the last thing you need

Repetition haunts you day by day by day by day as you live your four years out

We keep coming back because no matter the pain or boredom or depression

There’s something about those empty walls and crowded halls that feels like home

Home…is Gateway High School.

And suddenly…those walls aren’t so empty anymore