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August 2007

Take a deep breath in, and the whole world silences. Thoughts of becoming grown encircle my mind. This is it! The beginning of the rest of my life. Whew, let my breath out, and I snap back into reality. The Oly band plays at the entrance and the drums beat with my anxious heart. The mighty home of the Olympians that is my school, Gateway High.

I had walked into the orange, white, yellow, and black hallways, which had led into the gym. Music is played through these humongous speakers and once again my heart beats with its same rhythm. As I ascend towards the onyx bleachers, I say to myself how these next four years are going to be the best, both in my academics and socials.  I thought to myself, this is the place where I am going to grow mentally, physically, emotionally, and so much more. I looked for a few familiar faces and found friends from back in middle school. Wow, just three months of summer can change you forever.  I sat next to them and felt comfort, they felt the same way I had felt.

The music then ceases to play and the principal, Mr. Bailey, gives a long profound speech, one that many of us were not listening to. He spoke of how to achieve excellence and how to help each other in to not dropping out. We looked around us, we were the largest freshmen class and over half of us would not be here come graduation. Mr. Bailey’ s speech ended with a powerful bang when he broke five thick wooden boards with the end of his hand, just one hit, and they snapped like bricks. So that’s why he was dressed in a karate suit with a black belt.

Freshman year ended so quickly and I achieved what I wanted for my first year, and then came along sophomore year. The Oly band plays at the entrance and the drums beat with my anxious heart. Though I was still an underclassman, I felt like I owned the school. I strolled through the hallways and made Gateway my second home. I wanted to start school the way I had always done my entire life, but the case of senioritis took its toll on me a bit too soon. From there on it led into my junior year.

The Oly band plays at the entrance and the drums beat with my anxious heart. This time, an upperclassman. You never realized, but freshmen are really immature, you wonder if you were ever like that. Senioritis still haunts me and I just say to myself, just one more year to go, and with that last year to go, I realize that high school is just starting and that it is only another chapter in my life for I have the rest of my life to make it the rest.