Best High Schools

Where will your kid get the best education? We pitted public versus private to find out—with surprising results.

August 2007


As I walk down the halls of Gateway High School

Knowing that many attendees are nothing but a fool,

I hear various rumors of failing, fighting, and fear

Then I think of the joy I’ll have at the end of each year

After pondering and dreaming of months in the sun,

I begin to recall all of my previous fun

Simply walking into “First and Main,”

Makes me think of all that I’ve come to gain

From, “Hola” to anti-derivatives, numerous teachers lived their dream

Helping me learn by releasing a waterfall of education through a stream

Making a difference, effecting the rest of my life

Helping me through every strife

Playing football, laughing with friends, or serving a detention

Having fun, always trying to attract attention

Each memory makes me remember unlimited happiness

With this, came experienced true bliss

Every day dreading waking up and getting dressed

Or doing homework late and studying for finals stressed

It all seems to be the slump in my young age,

But now it reveals to be an amazing and unforgettable stage

I love Gateway High School and could go to no other place

And wherever I’m soon to come, this school, I will forever trace