Letters to the Editor

August 2007

Family Ties
I just read every word of Amanda Faison's "My Three Men" [June] and nearly started crying. What an amazing and thoughtful account of a real-life history lesson...in real time. As our yesterdays become greater than our tomorrows, it's an important account that every family should heed. Because in the end, the family dynamic is a tie that binds us all. Fathers, mothers, sons, and daughters—in a very keen sense, we are all just a bunch of wacky brothers and sisters.
Chuck Lontine

A Difference of Opinion
Ah, summertime in Denver. Another issue of 5280, another opportunity not missed to bash a conservative idea, or, in this case, a Republican politician [Editors' and Readers' Choice, Top of the Town, "Politician to Vote out of Office: Tom Tancredo," July]. What 5280 must fail to realize is that, no matter how often you repeat your own opinion of someone, it doesn't make it true. A lot of us here in Tancredo's district have the utmost respect for him and what he stands for. We believe the immigration laws of the United States should mean something, and we will continue to re-elect Tancredo as often as he chooses to continue running.
Rob Wignall

In "The Packing List" [June] we mislabeled the North Face Salathe Jacket ($79) as the Impulse. Also, in June's Dining section we noted Aaron Forman as the originator of the wine list at Sketch Food & Wine. The true creator of the list is Aaron Foster. In July's "Brain Trust" we incorrectly stated that Liz Holzemer is a cancer survivor (her tumor was benign) and that meningiomas affect more than 150,000 women in America (the disease affects both genders). We regret the errors.

Letters Policy
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