Thrill Seekers Guide

Our list of the 45 most kick-ass adventures in Colorado

August 2007

NO, we're not going to make you jump off a cliff or out of a helicopter (our lawyers have advised us against that); however, we can certainly suggest that you get outside and feel the rush—adrenaline, that is. With its geography, topography, and altitude, our state dishes up some of the wildest outdoor escapades in the country. Rocky singletrack, roaring white water, and champagne powder are a given. But hot-air ballooning, sand-dune surfing, and thin-air sailing also yield the requisite goose-flesh. Colorado has a thrill for everyone—whether you're a regular couch potato or a bona fide endorphin freak—and we're here to give you the lowdown on how to get your fix.

Here, our totally subjective yet com­pletely indispensable life list of Colorado's best adventures.

Mountain Bike Fruita

The world-renowned mountain bike trails of Fruita crisscross an unforgiving desert-canyon landscape. It's hot, slick, and brutal, but fat-tire freaks flock to this western Colorado destination in droves. "There are hundreds of trails to choose from," says Noah Sears, 24, an avid biker who works at Over the Edge Sports in Fruita, "but Horsethief Bench Loop is certainly one of the most popular. It's probably intermediate level, but it's got some great technical spots like ledges and slickrock, a good variety of terrain, and it's really scenic. You're riding the rim overlooking the Colorado River and the Monument. It's pretty spectacular." More Info: Check out www.fruitamountainbike.com or www.otesports.com for more information on Fruita's trails.