Comfort Food

There are times when we look for more than just nourishment from our meals—we seek a spoonful of relief, a bowl of love, a slice of solace. Be it Denver's most decadent mashed potatoes, pancakes doused in syrup, or smothered fries, this is where we go to find a little culinary consolation.

October 2007

Soothe a Hangover

Forget the Gatorade and ibuprofen; a greasy meal is the only way to recover from a big night out.

Sip sweet tea and dig in to a plate of chicken-n-dumplings at Tom's Home Cookin', and your hangover remedy's in reach. The menu changes daily so call the restaurant's answering machine to ensure the dumplings are on the menu. Another hint: Tom's opens at 11 a.m.; get there early and don't forget this is a cash-only joint. 800 E. 26th Ave., 303-388-8035

After a hard night out, fill the belly with mugs of hot coffee and Mona's corned beef hash. Forget about the usual minced meat and potatoes; chef Paul C. Reilly cuts corned beef into half-inch squares, grills it with home-style potatoes, green peppers, and onions, and tops the dish with two eggs sunny-side up. Keep the healing coming by pouring on the chipotle hollandaise and slathering a side of toast with butter and jam. 2364 15th St., 303-455-4503, www.monasrestaurant.com

Chubby's smothers its pipin' hot French fries with smoldering green chile. Add pork chicharones for a real gut bomb, but either way the slow burn and sheer decadence of the snack clears the cobwebs. Stock up on napkins and eat these fries in a hurry before they get soggy. Of the many locations, we go to the orig on 38th Ave. 1231 W. 38th Ave., 303-455-9311

Waiting for a table at Sam's No. 3 on a weekend morning might add to your headache, but once you're served a Greek omelet, all pain will subside. We consider each hearty bite of egg, gyro meat, feta cheese, tomato, red onion, tzatziki sauce, and pita to be somewhat magical. 1500 Curtis St., 303-534-1927, www.samsno3.com