Web Exclusive—Splendor in the Grass

Take a good look at the walls of Keith Brunel and Jules Javernick's new Golden home (page 100 in the magazine), and you might be surprised to find they're made out of straw bale and mud. Built by hand, using local labor, renewable resources, and environmentally thoughtful methods, the couple's 2,800-square-foot contemporary home isn't just green—it's natural. It may also be the future of Colorado building. Click here for a complete list of the designers and contractors who built this house. Plus, get the facts on straw bale—from how it's made to a breakdown of benefits.

November 2007

Natural-Building Resources

Brian Fuentes, AIA,

Alex Platt, AIA, Solar Village,

Jeff Ruppert, PE, Odisea LLC,

Jeff DeMeyer, DeMeyer Construction Services, 303-931-6305

Ryan Chivers, Artesano,