Bringing Up Bungalow

How two local Realtors made their historic house on Seventh Avenue perfect for today

December 2007

The yard was too small, the cost was suspiciously low, and Realtor Amy Bachelder didn't really like bungalows. Still, the Arts and Crafts-style home on historic Seventh Avenue Parkway caught her eye as she jogged past on a sunny day three and a half years ago. She loved the tree-lined neighborhood, with bikers, strollers, and pets bustling by, and she thought the imperfect property had potential. Bachelder immediately called her partner and fellow real estate agent Carol Freyer to tell her about the house.

As co-owners of PorchLight Real Estate Group, both Bachelder and Freyer had strong opinions about what they wanted in a home. The challenge was to mesh their two disparate visions. Bachelder longed for a very social neighborhood, while Freyer wanted a home base for their two dogs, Lucy and Otis, and growing family (Freyer gave birth to their first son, Eli, this October). Bachelder liked traditional construction with "character," while Freyer preferred more modern and contemporary touches. With the right kind of remodel, they realized, the bungalow on Seventh could become all these things.

"We were looking at houses that were twice the price, and they weren't what we wanted at all," says Freyer. "And so we found a location. We found a good house, and we said, 'Let's make it what we want.'" They decided the exterior of the home would stay intact. But inside, they would break out of the Arts and Crafts mold with bigger living spaces, bold color accents, and contemporary furnishings.