February 2008

Baby Boon

I read with interest 5280's December article in the health section entitled "Special Delivery." You should know that right here in Colorado, at one of the premier safety-net hospitals in the country, we have 24/7 midwifery options for our patients. The practice is similar to the kind you describe happening at Mountain Midwifery Center. The differences, however, include the fact that this service is provided in a hospital setting (Denver Health), with physicians immediately available for any rare obstetrical emergency. Our midwives work collaboratively in our department and provide a true midwifery model of care, all in the middle of an obstetrical teaching program (Univ. of Colo.) This is something that is unique not just in Colorado, but in the country.

William W. Brown III, M.D.
Director of Ambulatory Ob/Gyn, Denver Health

Going AWOL

Thank you for your article "The Resister" [December]. It was very well done and much appreciated. We have too few opportunities in the mainstream media to read stories of our fellow citizens who are questioning the war and occupation of Iraq. Your story helps to open space for that kind of dialogue—something that is essential if our democracy is to survive.

Rachel Harding

Still Rocky

I just read the article in the November issue about Rocky Flats ["Out in the Cold"]. I wanted to say thanks for the great article. It is all so true about the lack of government support. I worked there for 12 years; luckily, not in the "back" areas. And it really was a community out there; none of us could ever imagine working anywhere else. It's so sad to think of the thousands of people who are out of work because of the shutdown. I am so proud to be called a Cold War veteran.

Everything changed in 1995 when Kaiser Hill took over and split all the departments up into different companies. The downward spiral started and the greed kicked in. Upper management did indeed receive large bonuses and continued employment. Many of us received notice one morning to report to a conference room where we were told we would be working for another company, losing our benefits and starting over. We were still doing the same job in the same office with the same responsibility, but because of our job titles, Kaiser Hill decided to subcontract us out. I can't even describe how much it affected me emotionally. It took me years to get over it. And because I had not been there for 10 years I would be ineligible for retirement or any benefits from the site. In other words, a vast majority of the workers got screwed. And that included many who were there just shy of 30 years.

Thanks again for digging into the truth.

Name Withheld
Rockton, Illinois

Doctor's Note, Part III

Since the October Top Doctor's issue and the subsequent negative letters about Dr. Leslie Capin, 5280 has received a flood of letters supporting the doctor's remarks about skin cancer. We appreciate everyone's input.


In "Stylish Stays" [Nov.], we misspelled the Oceanaire Seafood Room. We regret the error.

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