June 2008

Saving Man's Best Friend

I wanted to thank you for your article on the Mill Dog Rescue Network in Colorado Springs ["Puppy Love," April]. As one of its volunteers and someone who is personally horrified by what our country allows to happen every single day in these puppy mills, I am happy to see magazines like yours spreading the truth of what goes on. As a personal plea to everyone who reads this, please do not buy a dog from a pet store or the Internet. If you must buy from a breeder, do your research and insist on seeing the parent dogs. But the best choice you can make is to save a life—adopt from a shelter or rescue. Saving a life is a decision you will never regret.
Barbara Mason
Colorado Springs

Beyond Gender

This article is perhaps a classic ["Second Nature," March]. It has influenced my thinking profoundly and provides an enlightened basis for greater understanding and perspective. As a student of psychology, my interest is in human behavior and specifically in "learning and becoming." Your article, which was masterfully written, blends beautifully with several aspects of my work in helping one understand the etiology of human thought and behavior.
Ronald T. Jones
via e-mail

Touching Lives

I just came across the February edition of 5280 that features the article about Gilbert ["The Gift of Gil"]. My family and I laughed and cried tears of joy while reading your article aloud.

The article really touched our hearts. I wanted to share my own Gilbert story with you. Before Gilbert was sporting around on Thunder, he used to drive. Someone took a shopping cart and added a car hood and fenders to it. He pushed that around from his home all the way to the Berkeley Recreation Center at 46th and Sheridan. This is where I met Gilbert. I was a lifeguard there in 1993 and worked there throughout college. Gilbert would serenade the female guards with his guitar and sing "Hey Baby Que Paso." He also became an honorary lifeguard with his very own lifeguard shirt. He got demoted to a Rec Aide due to kicking some kids out of the pool for splashing. Actually a funny scene. Gilbert didn't understand being demoted. He came to me and said, "Did ya hear? I got fired (sounds like fiiiierrd)."

During this time Gilbert was not only a lifeguard but also a professional basketball player. During my breaks he and I would play the occasional basketball game. I was Jordan (#23) and he was Mutombo. He had the jersey and all. He would always invite me to play by saying, "I'm going to whoop you on your home court Jordan!"

I could go on and on with my Gilbert stories. He is truly an amazing human being. Thank you for writing about Gilbert and sharing him with everyone.
Lucinda Nieto
via e-mail

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