July 2008

Home Sweet Home

As a resident of Berkeley, I was ecstatic to see the mention of our neighborhood in the May issue ["Where to Buy (Even) Now"]. 5280 was right on target by mentioning the perks of living in Berkeley like Tennyson Street, a close-to-the-city location, easy access to the highway, the parks and lakes, not to mention the hotspots of 32nd and Lowell and 44th and Lowell. However, I was disappointed to see a photograph of a "scrape" home representing what Berkeley looks like. The Berkeley neighborhood does have a few new, modern-looking homes, but I would guess 95 percent of the homes are the original bungalow types that maintain the neighborhood's quaintness. Thanks again for the article; it was great to see that our neighborhood is appreciated.
Jill Sangster

I was pleased to see that our neighborhood, Bonnie Brae, was listed as a good neighborhood to buy in. However, in the article it was stated that the schools were "more than adequate," and that is such an understatement. I have two children attending Cory Elementary currently, and I have to say it is an amazing school. Not only is it an "excellent" rated school, it is a highly gifted and talented magnet school and has the only "twice exceptional" program in the district. I am also excited to have my oldest child move up to Merrill Middle School, which is another great school that receives very little attention despite the amazing things that are happening within the building. Although the neighborhood is beautiful, safe, and friendly, the schools are one of the highlights and main reasons to buy in Bonnie Brae.
Damien Dames
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On Motherhood

Thanks so much to Shari Caudron for her insightful article on "The Mommy Club" in the May 2008 issue. As a stay-at-home mom of a two-year-old and a 10-month-old who is juggling several part-time jobs and trying to stay connected to my former professional field, I found the article very refreshing and very real. I was able to relate to so many of the issues that she touched upon, from the initial loneliness to the reluctance of joining a "mom" group. What really drew it all together for me was the quote by Lynne Fetterman that stated, "Our generation was told we could have it all. What they didn't tell us was that we couldn't have it all at the same time." I applaud your magazine for recognizing this segment of the population and for assigning such a thorough author to cover it.
Shelley N. Roth


In May's review of the Black Pearl, we identified Steve Whited as the co-owner of the Summer House restaurant in Nantucket. He was actually the general manager. We regret the error.

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