August 2008

What a Croc

I must admit I'm surprised. 5280's article on Crocs corporation ["Burning Rubber," July], specifically the portion about my brother George, was incredibly harsh. I can understand Robert Sanchez feeling misled and inconvenienced by him, but Sanchez's writing seemed biased against him.

The portrait painted was not fair and balanced. George is a lot of things—good and bad, as we all are. Printing public-record information, and not telling the other side, made him look like a horrible person, which could not be further from the truth. Maybe you didn't realize a few facts about the incidents of public record you published. The chauffeur you talked about actually stalked our entire family and threatened George's life. This was a grievance George filed against that person, but the way you wrote it only painted George as a racist, which he is not.

Regarding the situation between George and Dave Moorhead: It was an unfortunate fight between former friends and brothers-in-law. It caused both our families pain. And there were two sides to this story.

I believe all the incredibly generous, caring, and life-changing things he has done for our community and communities around the world deserved more than a short sentence. Feeding and educating thousands of children seems a little more relevant than a bar fight over a watch, no?
Kirsten Boedecker Moorhead
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This letter is in response to Robert Sanchez's recent article "Burning Rubber." I found the article to be extremely distasteful and journalism at its worst. A story that was reported to be about Crocs turned into a character assassination of one of its founders.

I am a longtime resident of Boulder and I'm aware of Mr. Boedecker's history with the media. Sorry, Mr. Sanchez, but this is old news. Your story should have focused on Mr. Boedecker's humanitarian efforts. There are countless individuals whose lives have been enriched by his generosity. Would this not have made a better story? Or perhaps, Mr. Sanchez, you aspire to write for the National Enquirer.
Mary Schmidt

In the July issue's Top of the Town feature, we misprinted Elway's (in the Ritz-Carlton) phone number. The correct number is 303-312-3107. In July's "Still Garden," the photo caption should have denoted that the pictured art is a work in progress.
In the June issue's Top Dentists feature we incorrectly identified Dr. Ted C. Johnson as an orthodontist. He is a general dentist. In the same story we misprinted the phone number for Dr. Scott H. Horsley. The correct number is 303-232-1328. We also misprinted the contact information for Dr. Donald J. Kleier. His information is 5150 W. 80th Ave., Westminster, 303-427-1951. We regret the errors.

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