Best Bets

Best Bets

September 2008

Motown Music

Late this month, the Paramount Theatre throws opens its doors for the Temptations and the Four Tops, and, to borrow from the Motown moguls, this is one show where we "Ain't Too Proud to Beg" for tickets. Both the Temptations and the Four Tops dominated the U.S. music charts in the 1960s, and their doo-wop, jazzy, R&B sounds helped define Motown music. Today, they continue to bring soulful music to the contemporary scene. The Temptations, now in their fifth decade, recently released Legacy, an album full of melodic harmonies, while the Four Tops, whose original lineup remains unchanged, continue to belt out their classics. The Temptations and the Four Tops: Sept. 25, Paramount Theatre.


Buon Appetito

When Bostonians need cannoli, they stop by the North End. When Denverites want lemony veal scaloppini, they pull out the map and hit the road—Denver's Italian food is scattered throughout the city. But Belmar's Festival Italiano Food and Wine Festival is about to change that. For two days this month, the outdoor fair serves up a concentrated dose of Italy. While restaurants like Mici and Three Sons Italian Restaurant sell street-side snacks, Florentine performers hoist enormous green, red, and white flags in the air. Kids: Remember to stop by the Balistreri wine stomp. Competitive types: Sign up for the bocce tournament. And, families: Watch the pizza acrobat—he tosses dough with his feet. Festival Italiano Food and Wine Festival: Sept. 20-21, Belmar, Lakewood.


Grossology 101

Perhaps the least-academic discipline to ever merit the "ology" tag, "grossology" is the quasi-scientific study of disgusting human and animal behavior. This month, the Wildlife Experience makes animal grossology, in particular, very accessible. In an interactive show, the exhibit hall brings to life the work of dung beetles, snails, and slugs. But don't expect anything too studious: The show is all about learning through fun, and its exhibits, such as the slime game, a bloodsucker blow-up, and the tapeworm tug, are an enjoyable way to teach kids basics about the animal kingdom. Animal Grossology: Sept. 27-April 26, The Wildlife Experience, Parker.


Girls Only

One day, Denver comics Barbara Gehring and Linda Klein decided to share their teenage diaries with each other. The stories they found started them laughing, and they didn't stop until they wrote Girls Only, a play that touches on the timeless issues all women face. Childhood vacations, Victoria's Secret's million-dollar bra, and the history of men and women all get skewered in this hilarious show, which stars both Gehring and Klein. But, men take note: Just as the title indicates, this show is best for the ladies. Girls Only: Sept. 18-Dec. 21, Garner Galleria Theatre.