September 2008

Obama Blues

It was not only disappointing to see a huge picture of Obama on the cover of the August issue, but then three more articles on Democrats inside. Obviously, some articles need to be devoted to the DNC; however, this month's magazine is ridiculous. Editor Daniel Brogan writes in his editorial that "5280 helps outsiders understand the place we call home." Unfortunately, your magazine does no such thing, and does not represent the purple state. It is too bad. It would be refreshing to see a Denver publication that let the people of this great state decide for themselves instead of inundating publications with such blatant material. Ironically, I am a registered Democrat. However, I will not be renewing my subscription of 5280 or my current party affiliation.
Cari Erickson

We're not sure who Ms. Erickson wants us to be. One moment we're a Denver magazine, the next we're supposed to be representing the entire state. Which is it? Each has its own distinct political identity. More to the point, let's move beyond scorecards of which party got more articles. Who and what did we write about? Two of the three articles cited were about Democrats (Ken Salazar and Gary Hart), yes, but neither was about a Democrat who's running for office in November. So we can hardly be accused of electioneering. The other article ("The DNC Survival Guide") liberally (pun intended) made fun of Democrats. —Ed. I congratulate you on your insight that your cover will anger many readers—like maybe half. For those of us who are of a conservative ilk, the coming DNC fills us with dread. The thought of all those liberals running around my beloved Denver makes me crazy. We will head to the high country and skip the coronation and the glitz that accompanies it. By the way, did you notice that you gave glowing reports to the DNC and Ken Salazar, but only highlighted a Republican in trouble. No bias, right?
Kathy Bernau
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Write On

I just want to say how impressed I am with you guys. I always look to 5280 for the pictures, the restaurants, and all the other miscellaneous fun things you guys do but rarely read the articles. Why, I don't know, but as soon as I started reading the recent article about Greeley ["Pinched," August] and the two gentlemen, I realized what I've been missing out on. Man, you guys have some amazing writers—now I will not only look to 5280 for the fun things, but for interesting and informative articles. Thanks and keep up the amazing work.
Aimee O'Connor
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Stumping for San Luis Valley

As a relatively recent transplant to the San Luis Valley, I always find myself somewhat amused and dismayed at how your magazine portrays what have quickly become the people of my heart. I know you are all endlessly hip and politically correct in Denver, but to spend the amount of type that you did on the shape of Ken Salazar's face was a new low ["No Más Mustache," August]. It is bad enough to have to wade through the number of plastic surgery ads in your magazine, but you can't have it both ways. You always want to come across as being oh-so concerned about the environment, but your magazine is all about wasting money on overpriced housing, food, and clothing.

Here in the San Luis Valley...the poor, the disenfranchised, and the disabled are cared for and included in the culture in a way I have never seen anywhere before. We may not be hip, but we see everyone as human here.

We are enormously proud of Ken and John Salazar and Rocky White, a physician running for state office who really wants to do something about health care, not just blow hot air. These people know what the real problems are because they have lived in them. It isn't just rhetoric to them.

To me, your magazine paints a portrait of a city consumed with consuming and outward appearance. You talk about being environmentally aware, but your ads betray you. The San Luis Valley may not appeal to your aesthetic, but it is full of people from whom you could learn many valuable lessons.
Alison Kitchen

A Taste of Home

I sit here in Tampa, Florida, on a typical hot, muggy morning, pining for Denver. I especially enjoyed the "Letter from the Editor" in the July issue. I eagerly looked back at the collage of all 15 years of 5280 and circled the first one I had ever purchased off the rack at King Soopers. It was the 10th anniversary edition, and as a brand-new Denverite, I remember thinking: This is exactly what I need to navigate this new city!

I was instantly hooked and pored over every page until the corners were dog-eared. We checked off the places we wanted to go, and were never disappointed in the recommendations. I signed up for years worth of subscriptions, and even gave out subscriptions as Christmas presents. I just agreed to two more years of 5280, and even though I'm over 1,000 miles away it reminds me of home and that we will be back for good next summer.

Inger Hiller


Finger Lickin' Good

Many thanks for the excellent article "The ABCs of BBQ" [June] by Adrian Miller. Even though I am not a die-hard fan of BBQ, I thoroughly enjoyed the primer on regional styles of BBQ and the historical information on BBQ in Colorado. This article elevated the typical restaurant review approach to another level. Great reading for the foodies in your audience.
Jeanne M. Rubin


I'd like to applaud you on "Uncorked: Three Days at the Aspen Food and Wine Classic with Richard Betts" [June]. Shari Caudron really captured the moment in her writing. I felt as if I were there—what a dream! Having spent years in the Napa Valley attending (working, mind you, not sipping) elaborate events such as the Napa Valley Wine Auction, the piece really made me smile and laugh inside. And thank you for your positive profile of Richard Betts; he is an inspiration and the wine industry needs more sommeliers like him—especially as wine drinkers are becoming more educated, younger, and with more money to spend on wine. I look forward to your future food and wine publications.
Colleen McCafferty

In August, Jennifer Samuel should have been credited for her hair and makeup work on the "Head for the Hills" feature as well as for her work on "The Mommy Club" in May. In July's "Reviews" section we mislabeled a map of the Bonnie Brae neighborhood. The correct order should have read: No. 1, Bonnie Brae Ice Cream; No. 2, Saucy Noodle; No. 3, Fisher Clark; No. 4, Campus Lounge; No. 5, CapuVino; No. 6, Seven 30 South. In July's "Top of the Town" feature, we misprinted the website for the Garment District. The correct website is www.garmentdistrictcolorado.com.

In the June "Top Dentists" story we incorrectly labeled Boulder's Dr. Gordon Gates as a general dentist. He is a prosthodontist. We regret the errors.