Best Bets

Best Bets

October 2008

Wacky Race

When KBCO put its annual Kinetics race on hold this spring, it seemed like the end of metro Denver's wacky, human-powered-contraption races. Not so. This month, Red Bull, the energy drink behemoth, brings its Soapbox Race to Red Rocks. Forty teams will hurl themselves and their man-made, man-powered carts through the foothills. The crazier the entry, the more likely it is to be a winner. Races in Australia and Belgium have turned out enormous cars modeled after skis and huge devices meant to look like musclemen on wheels. Red Bull Soapbox Race: Oct. 25, Trading Post Road, Red Rocks Park.

Nature on Film

True, the Colorado Environmental Film Festival has never won a Nobel Prize, but when it comes to environmental films it beats Al Gore any day. With more than 20 films in its yearly program, the festival showcases movies with insight into current ecological trends as well as social and economic behavior. Last year's films shed light on issues like recycling in San Francisco, solar energy in Afghanistan, and preserving the clean waters of the Columbia River. This year's lineup promises equally diverse and thought-provoking films. Colorado Environmental Film Festival: Oct. 2-5, American Mountaineering Center, Golden.

Doctor for a Day

The world of fantasy games has taken a new twist with the University of Colorado Denver School of Medicine's Fantasy MD event. This fantasy game is completely hands-on: With medical simulators, participants assist virtual patients in giving birth, undergoing heart transplant surgery, and receiving anesthetic. Fantasy MD is part of the School of Medicine's 125th anniversary celebration and gala—so even if you bomb your virtual diagnosis, you can still sit down for a gourmet dinner with some of CU's top doctors and students. Fantasy MD Gala: Oct. 4, Colorado Convention Center.


The Blues King

On his current tour, B.B. King, along with his beloved Gibson guitar Lucille, makes the rounds from Connecticut to Nevada. Each step of the way, his deep rhythms and soulful songs infuse audiences with bluesy melody. Later this month, the 83-year-old King will stop at the Boulder Theater, and when he does expect to hear tracks from King's newest album, One Kind Favor—a collection of 1950s-style covers from King's earliest influences. If the album is a hit, it could win King his 15th Grammy. B.B. King: Oct. 25, Boulder Theater, Boulder.