Active Romance

Five Colorado escapes for lovers—or anyone in love with the great outdoors.

February 2009

Does a Valentine's Day getaway always have to include the forced trappings of love? Champagne, two-person tubs, rose-petal turndowns.... While there's nothing wrong with the hearts-and-flowers routine, there's nothing overly inspiring about it either. Romance doesn't have to be so manufactured—Coloradans know what truly gets the heart pounding. We feed affection with healthy servings of outdoor playtime mixed with equal parts of relaxing downtime. It's a winning combo—recent research from the University of Denver's Center for Marital and Family Studies shows that taking time to specifically have fun together is not a relationship luxury; it's a necessity that results in happier couples with strong bonds. Which is why we've put together five weekend escapes where you can play, connect, and unwind in a surprisingly romantic—and very Colorado—way.