Single in the City

Denver's 24 hottest catches give you the lowdown on who they're looking for. Plus, local love experts expose the most common roadblocks to romance in the Mile-High City.
February 2009

It's February and love is in the air...Wait, is that love? Oh riiiight, no. It's just the disgruntled sighs of our fellow Denverites lamenting a lack thereof.

We thought our friends, colleagues, family—heck, that chatty barista at Starbucks—were being a little melodramatic with their tales of romantic mishaps and ceaseless dating rants; after all, when we looked at the lovescape two years ago, Denver had been the number one city for singles for three years running, according to Forbes magazine.

Today you'll find us crawling in at number 11. In just two years, Denver's dating allure has plummeted. Where did we go wrong? The most common response: "It's just hard to meet people." Hmm, sorry, not buying it. Online dating technology, virtually free from the stigma it carried in its early stages, can get you thousands of available local singles at the click of a mouse (for better or worse—see page 55). Not into cyber introductions? The metro area has so many social networking and interest groups that we can't begin to name them all (though we share our favorites, also on page 55). Suffice it to say, there's no shortage of opportunity if you're the least bit proactive.

It's more about giving yourself the best possible odds to take it from "we met" to "in a relationship." That means avoiding the pitfalls along the way. With intel from our experts—psychologists, dating coaches, and authors (not to mention our own woebegone cohorts at the end of their single ropes)—we present in the following pages the most common roadblocks en route to love in the Mile-High City. Read them closely, and navigate wisely from here on.

Oh, and if you need a little inspiration, feast your eyes on 24 of Denver's top singles as you browse the next few pages. For more than three months, we searched for the city's most eligible, amazing catches, and this hand-selected list is the finest Denver has to offer.