Tough Love

Five reasons it's difficult to date in Denver—and what you can do about it.

February 2009

No. 3: The Peter Pan Syndrome (Confessions of a "Colorado Lifestylist")
In a state full of young-at-heart folks who view recreation as religion, pursuing love might seem less enticing than pursuing a powder stash. How does that shake out in matters of the heart? To find out, we caught up with Colorado native ski legend and Vail resident Chris Anthony, veteran of 19 Warren Miller films and the ultimate ski-toting, jeep-driving, adventure-seeking bachelor at 39 years old.

5280: Has settling down taken a backseat to playing in the mountains?
Chris Anthony: I did date this girl once who got me one of the first bound copies of the Peter Pan book. Lots of girls give me self-help books. I had like five copies of The Celestine Prophecy at one point.

Do you think this adventuresome spirit is a legitimate stumbling block?
I read once that the highest levels of ADD are in Colorado and the mountain communities. People take that energy and put it into adventure and outdoor activities. Unfortunately, I think that kind of prepackaging you bring to a relationship as you get older carries more weight than the relationship itself.

What does this mean for your dating life?
It's horrible. Not healthy. For women, I think the sense of adventure might be there; the thought of it is attractive and romantic. But the reality feels a little unsafe.

Are you optimistic about meeting "the one?"
When a girl finally drops her guard, it's amazing how fast things go. It freaks most guys out. When girls decide it's game on, it's pretty much game on. I haven't been able to move that quickly. You want to take care of them, provide, do the things you're supposed to do. But if you're still kind of winging it yourself, that becomes a scary situation.

Words of wisdom from Never-Never Land?
In the end, it's super-important to have somebody in your life. You could be standing on top of a mountain, but if you're doing it by yourself, it's definitely not as fulfilling as doing it with someone else.