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March 2009

Top Chefs

Each year sees new chefs entering the market. But some, like the toques below, have staying power—and we look forward to another year at their tables.

The Crème de la Crème
Hugo Matheson
Executive chef and co-owner of the Kitchen, Hugo Matheson is more than a visionary chef. He's a man whose steadfast belief in a greener, kinder world has helped him build a community bistro that embraces the farm-to-table philosophy. Farmers, fishermen, cooks, patrons, and even recyclers are all equally heralded at Matheson's community table, where sustainable, local, seasonal cuisine is part of a greater whole—seven days a week.

The Rising Star
Hosea Rosenberg
Hosea Rosenberg is at the top of his game. The cool, confident executive chef at Jax Fish House Boulder not only won season five of Top Chef, he continues to dazzle the local crowds. Taos-born and self-taught, the talented cook groomed his cuisine under Wolfgang Puck and some of Denver's best chefs before joining Dave Query's Big Red F Group in 2004. Now, at Jax, Rosenberg's commitment to quality is seen in clean, clear flavors that celebrate the season's fresh catch.

The Success Story
Matt Selby
The biggest reason for Vesta Dipping Grill's continued success: executive chef Matt Selby's playful cuisine, which engages diners to mix and match dishes with dipping sauces. We commend Selby for his spirited dishes, but we also want to give kudos for his greatest achievement: rising above years of alcohol abuse. Now celebrating four years of sobriety, Selby is a more accessible, focused chef and a rocking role model and benevolent community leader.