Dining in Denver: Morning, Noon, and Night

Where to go, and what to eat, in the Mile-High City, 24-7.

March 2009

Dish Dash

When you're craving a certain snack - be it cannoli or lobster - nothing else will do. Here, we break down Denver's best, eat by spectacular eat.

  • For fish and chips that are perfectly battered and fried to a golden crisp, head to GB Fish & Chips. The Broadway spot offers tilapia, prawns, oysters, squid, and scallops, but we fancy the traditional cod. Pair with thick, hot chips and a pint of Newcastle. 1311 S. Broadway, 720-570-5103
  • Sit at the bar or grab a table at Vesta Dipping Grill, but don't miss ordering the madras-grilled venison. Bites of the Indian-influenced entrée only get better when dipped in pineapple Pedy marmalade. 1822 Blake St., 303-296-1970
  • Bang! does brisk business, much of it due to the cozy meatloaf that's been on the menu since day one. And now with this Highland restaurant open for lunch, you can order the entrée in sandwich form, all gussied up with pickled red onions and homemade ketchup. 3472 W. 32nd Ave., 303-455-1117
  • Inspired South American cuisine is what's on the menu at Cafe Brazil. Order the pernambuco, a dish combining scallops, garlic, veggies, and kaffir lime leaf with herbed rice, and you won't be disappointed. 4408 Lowell Blvd., 303-480-1877
  • With crust that's thin but chewy, Napoletana pizza is what comes out of the ovens at Marco's Coal-Fired Pizzeria. Praise the 1,000 degrees that cook the pies in 60 seconds, and hail the first-class toppings, many of which are flown in from Italy. 2129 Larimer St., 303-296-7000
  • Decadence is what awaits when ordering the butter-poached lobster at Restaurant Kevin Taylor. The dish's accoutrements change with the season, but you can always look forward to exquisite pairings such as ricotta-egg ravioli, crisp pork belly, Savoy cabbage, and asparagus cream. 1106 14th St., 303-820-2600
  • With most cannoli tasting either soggy or overly sweet, it's easy to give up the dessert—until you discover Dolce Sicilia Italian Bakery's version. One bite of the crispy pastry shell and delicate ricotta with hints of cinnamon, and you'll be hooked again. 3210 Wadsworth Blvd., Wheat Ridge, 303-233-3755
  • In this age of nose-to-tail dining, sweetbreads have come back into culinary favor—and few chefs treat the thymus gland better than Amy Vitale at Tables in Park Hill. Order this delicate appetizer for a crispy and rich start to your meal. 2267 Kearney St., 303-388-0299
  • When that childhood craving for chocolate pudding hits, head straight to Potager. Sit at the bar and savor each thick, homey bite. 1109 Ogden St., 303-832-5788
  • For anyone with a hint of British inside (real or imagined), Beatrice & Woodsley brilliantly satisfies hankerings for high tea. On Saturdays and Sundays from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m., choose from seven loose teas, along with a platter of buttery scones and hot crumpets slathered with currant preserve, delicate cucumber sandwiches, and house-baked cookies. 38 S. Broadway, 303-777-3505
  • Minutes after finishing off a towering basket of garlic knots at Virgilio's Pizzeria, we're already planning our next visit. These buttery buns, served straight from the oven, are simply addictive. 7986 W. Alameda Ave., Lakewood, 303-985-2777
  • Lunchtime often finds us lined up outside Masterpiece Delicatessen in anticipation of the creamy and rich truffled egg salad. 1575 Central St., 303-561-3354
  • There are few places in town that do pork with as much finesse as Twelve Restaurant. Jeff Osaka's seasonal menu changes each month, but his take on the tenderloin and shoulder are always hits. Tip: Sit at the handsome bar for a bird's-eye view. 2233 Larimer St., 303-293-0287