March 2009

Show Me the Money

Rick Green

I found your article "Your Money, Now" very interesting and insightful. I was very dismayed, though, at how little was given for tithe and charity—is this an indication of what's wrong today? Maybe we are part of the problem...too much self-indulgence and perhaps even greed.
Gwen Jencks

I am mystified by the "Your Money, Now" article. According to the monthly expenses of all of the profiled Denverites, they don't pay income or Social Security taxes, and they don't contribute to any retirement savings plans. These Denverites have discovered a great budgeting tactic for living within their annual income!
Kristine Lapehn

Although the people we profiled pay taxes and invest for retirement, we didn't include line items as the monies often came directly out of their paychecks. —Ed.

Back for More
"On Not Dying in the Wilderness," featured in your November issue, surprised me. I hadn't expected an essay about camping in the Rockies to include, much less focus on, a staph infection. But the pieces you include by your contributing editors often surprise me. That's one reason why I look forward to them. Laura Pritchett told a great story. But she also made me think about the fears that I bring with me to wilderness experiences. Thanks for including this article that combined humor, an interesting story, and wisdom about fear of death in a way that caused me to read it several times.
Mary Lea Dodd

In "Your Money, Now" we printed Jean Tutolo's salary as $27,083. She started her job with Metropolitan Denver Homeless Initiative midyear, and that figure only reflects part of her compensation. Her full salary is $65,000. We regret the error.