Summer Daze

Hop on a road bike. Cast for giant trout. Hike a new trail. Catch a baseball game. Relax on a sunny patio. Colorado calls to us in the summer and draws us outside to play in its spectacular landscape. Here, we present nine itineraries that promise to get you outdoors—and loving every minute of the hot days of June, July, and August.

June 2009

Something happens to time during the summer months. The clock seems to slow as the days lengthen, and this downtempo metronome changes the way we move—and play. There’s more time to think, dream, meander, and relax, and it is in those unscripted, unhurried hours that the perfect summer day develops. Those casual days where you wake up with a glimmer of a plan, go with the flow, make detours, and settle down at the end of the night to marvel at how seamlessly it all flowed together. Here, nine itineraries that promise to help you capture that feeling of the perfect, blissed-out Colorado summer day.

  1. Wet and Wild in Salida
  2. Copper to Vail (and Back) on a Road Bike
  3. Mile High Art Walk
  4. Tube Boulder Creek
  5. Cruising Around Old Town
  6. I Love You, Man
  7. Prospecting the Gold Belt
  8. Road-trip Around Estes Park
  9. Foothills Fun