Top of the Town 2009

A peek at our must-read annual round-up of who's who and what's what in the Mile-High City.

July 2009

Reporting By Georgia Benjou, Audrey Case, James Collector, Jenny Depper, Patrick Doyle, Julie Dugdale, Amanda M. Faison, Natasha Gardner, Luc Hatlestad, Lindsay Hislop, Kazia Jankowski, Lindsey B. Koehler, Maximillian Potter, Robert Sanchez, Geoff Van Dyke, and AJ Vicens.

Every year since 1997 we have faithfully, systematically, and eagerly explored our fair city in search of the most interesting people, the coolest places, the best businesses, and the top events Denver has to offer. It's been our pleasure, and our distinct honor, to then present these hotspots with a much-deserved Top of the Town award. This year, though, we had to take a step back and really look at what it means to be "on top." Because, let's face it, the past year has been tough. On everyone. Restaurants and retail shops are struggling. The service and travel industries are feeling the pinch. Sports arenas are sitting half-empty. Newspapers are failing. It's rough everywhere you look. But during dark times like these it's often easiest to see the brightest stars among us. Folks are stepping up under pressure, working harder, taking care of others, being creative, and finding ways to keep our city full of all the things that make it so special.