Top of the Town 2009

A peek at our must-read annual round-up of who's who and what's what in the Mile-High City.

July 2009

Frequently Asked Questions

People often wonder how Top of the Town really works. Here, we answer some of your most common questions.

How does 5280 choose Top of the Town winners?

Generally, each of the categories (new spa, sushi, etc.) has two winners: the readers' and Editors' Choices. Readers' Choice winners are picked democratically—whichever takes the most votes from our online ballot wins. The editors pick winners based on months and months of research. During this process we pay for all meals and services, and we do our research anonymously.

Don't your advertisers automatically win?

Absolutely not. Top of the Town results are entirely based on your ballots and our research; there is no connection between advertisers and winners. Period. Although some winners may later choose to advertise, or happen to be advertisers, advertising is in no way a requirement. Sure, we could make a few folks happy by "selling" winners, but in the long run we'd lose a lot more than we'd gain—like our credibility.

How can I vote?

Easy. Go to www.5280.com, create an account, and cast your ballot. We have the ballot online in February and March, so stay tuned next year.

I have a business that deserves an award. How can I win?

Tell your customers to get online and vote for you next year. (Remember: The ballot goes online in February.) And to help you spread the word to your customers, we'll post a Top of the Town "tool kit" on our website during that time, with downloadable marketing materials and links to our site and ballot.