September 2009

Moving on Up

What a thrill to be a bookseller at the Denver Book Mall, which was Editors' Choice for Best Used Bookstore in the Top of the Town issue [July]. What a shame that after August 15, the Denver Book Mall will be no more. It's closing its doors forever.

Loyal customers in that vibrant South Broadway neighborhood are used to seeing businesses come and go, but I am happy to report that many of the independent booksellers who made up the Denver Book Mall are not going far. Broadway Book Mall will be opening in August at 200 S. Broadway, three short blocks south and just two doors down from Fahrenheit's, another favorite used bookstore in the Baker neighborhood.

Ten booksellers will be providing specialty subjects as well as general stock. We're sad to see our beloved bookstore close, but excited about new beginnings as well.

Marian Haugh
The Large Print Bookshop, Denver

Duly Noted

I always enjoy Laura Pritchett's essays—"Notes from the Front Range"—but as a new mother I was particularly moved by June's column, "Dear Child." Thanks for bringing Pritchett's voice to print.

Tamara Palmer

Cheaper Entertainment

While I appreciate that the Denver Center is offering a package deal (and I hope people can take advantage of it), I was surprised that you would use it as your one example of affordable theater in a magazine dedicated to deals ["Denver on a Dime," April].

I think I'm correct in saying that every other local theater company's regular prices are lower. These are wonderful, exciting, professional companies. Certainly, the Denver Center deserves to often be noted in your magazine, but in an issue dedicated to inexpensive options in Denver, I wish you had considered other companies. At Buntport, we work very hard to keep our ticket prices low because we believe that live theater should be accessible to everyone, and I'm sure other companies feel the same.

Erin Rollman
Buntport Theater Company, Denver

Ten Years Later

Thank you for your article and pictures of some of the Columbine High School survivors. I still think of them all often. It was an absolute gift to hear about their lives now.

Kit Eschner


In the August issue's restaurant review of Shazz Cafe and Bar, we did not print the eatery's contact information. Shazz is located at 4262 Lowell Blvd. The phone number is 303-477-1407, and the Web site is www.shazzdenver.com. We regret the error.