October 2009

Deep Impact

Ted Johnson wanted my opinion before reading 5280's article "This is Ted Johnson's Brain" [August]. I am usually fairly critical of what is written about him (still protective of him, I guess!), and Ted waited quietly while I read the piece. When I finished, I put the article down and looked at Ted. My face must have said it all because he broke into that trademark big, toothy grin and started chuckling. Robert Sanchez did an excellent job: He sifted through massive amounts of information and distilled it all into a powerful, accurate, and compelling article. There are many angles from which Sanchez could have told this story, and the way in which he chose to present it was brilliant. It is the only article I have read about Ted's entire football history that takes into account the psychological effects of his childhood and presents them in a way that highlights their importance. Ted granted Sanchez tremendous access into his personal life. Sanchez respected his privacy, and, in so doing, he gained Ted's trust—and mine. Congratulations on a job well done.
Jackie Johnson
via e-mail

The writer is Ted Johnson's former wife.

The Price of Education

I applaud 5280 for addressing the issue of the tightening financial straitjacket facing Colorado's colleges and universities ["Higher (Priced) Education," August], but the piece had some glaring omissions. While citing survey results showing fewer parents are planning to send their kids to college next year because of increasing tuition, your article failed to mention Colorado's best value among four-year institutions: Metro State. With tuition and fees that are lower than any other baccalaureate institution in the state, Metro State is seeing an increase in enrollment. In fact, Metro State now educates more undergraduate residents of Colorado than any other college in the state. Of course, Metro State is experiencing the same budget cuts that its peers are, all while we receive less funding per pupil from the state to begin with. So while you're encouraging your readers to donate to other institutions, a contribution to Metro State is also transformative—and it would give them more bang for their donated educational buck.
Eric Peterson
President, Metro State Alumni Association

Location, Location, Location

The attention that Northwest Denver restaurants are getting from local media is a testament to one of the city's most popular neighborhoods. What confuses me is why your review of Shazz [August] makes it seem like its location is a detriment. I would rather support a restaurant that focuses on food, wine, creativity, and staff, and allows people to sit and enjoy a meal, than one in LoDo or Cherry Creek North that needs to turn tables quickly to pay its rent.
Laura Herlands
via e-mail