November 2009

Friends Forever

My name is Kyle Crawford, and I, like Byron Jones and Chris Klingleheber, am a founding member of the Front Range Powder Factory. I was privileged to spend time in the wilderness with JT, and some time with John Fielder as a Sherpa. I was at Butler Gulch that night trying to save JT, and I too have taken on suicide prevention as a personal mission. I want to thank you for your honest and accurate portrayal of the tragedy that befell us ["Changing Nature," September]. Your story is the first one I have read that achieves this level of honesty about everyone involved. Even though it was excruciatingly painful to read, as all past hurts were brought to the surface, it was necessary because it reminds me that as much as the FRPF loves Colorado's wilderness, we love each other more.
Kyle Crawford
via e-mail


Thank you for your September article on "The Forgotten Plains," which demonstrates that the Plains are alive with plenty to see when one makes the attempt rather than passing through as quickly as possible. The stories were wonderful—showing personal experiences and sharing the struggles of smaller markets with limited disposable incomes. On a personal note, I hope your writers can stop by and visit us again soon.
Donald Oswald
Kiowa County

On Location

I just read your review in the September issue of Twelve restaurant (located in the Ballpark neighborhood), which you characterized as just short of the ballpark boom. I wonder how many owners of the nearby chic apartments and lofts you offended by that remark. Additionally, why is it that Snooze and Marco's Coal-Fired Pizzeria, which are on either side of Twelve, get rave reviews with no mention of the neighborhood they are in? Besides, what can these restaurant owners do about their locations? It's unfair to use location against them in your ratings.
Lynette Olds
via e-mail

Monkeying Around

That label on the Infinite Monkey Theorem bottle is hardly "edgy!" It's completely wrong! The "monkey" is not one at all. It's a chimpanzee. Think Jane Goodall. Maybe if Larner, the designer, had sketched a MONKEY this wine label would make more sense.
Gabrielle Accatino

In October's "Top Doctors" feature we misspelled Dr. Katie Bakes first name. We also reported that Dr. Yuko D'Ambrosia is not accepting new patients. The doctor currently does accept new patients. In September's "Mall Rats" we reported that SouthGlenn Mall was located in the city of Aurora. It was located in the city of Centennial. In September's "Admiring the View" we misspelled artist Chris Weed's last name. We regret the errors.