Denver might not be the snowiest city in the nation (that's Valdez, Alaska), and it certainly isn't the coldest (try Barrow, Alaska, or, for a bigger town, Minneapolis). But Denver and the Centennial State get their fair share of wintry blasts that bring loads of the white stuff. And it all usually starts right around, well, now. Which means all the trappings winter—mittens, hats, sleds, skis, snowplows, chain laws, windshield scrapers, shovels, snowblowers, de-icer, snow boots, long underwear, coats, and heating bills—are about to appear once more. And that's OK—fantastic even—because living with the snow is part of our reality and our identity here in Colorado. From ski tourism to local politics, and from winter road conditions to dicey weather forecasts, we take a broad look at how Colorado deals with the sometimes sloppy—yet often enjoyable—issue of snow.

  • Snow Fight
    Who's got the better powder—Colorado or Utah?
  • Where's the Damn Snowplow?
    In the interest of reducing road rage, we asked the city and state to explain their seemingly haphazard street-clearing methods.
  • Driving Us Crazy
    When snow hits Colorado's streets, all hell breaks loose.
  • A Modest Proposal
    Please give me—and my 2WD SUV—a little latitude.
  • Shoveling 101
    What you need to know if you haven't snagged a snowblower yet.
  • Imagine the Year 2100
    Experts predict that global warming will dramatically alter our snowfall in the coming decades. Here, what Colorado skiing may look like in 90 years.
  • (Don't) Let it Snow
    Is Denver International Airport ready for a repeat of the 2006 blizzard?