Best New Restaurants 2009

They are all hip, refined places to see—and be seen. But, most of all, the food is excellent. This winter, escape to one (or more) of Denver’s most fabulous new eateries for a meal that’s guaranteed to please your palate.

December 2009

Vert Kitchen

704 S. Pearl St.

The sandwich can be a pedestrian, uninspired snack, or it can be a carefully crafted meal. The latter is what you'll find at Vert Kitchen, an upscale, European-style sandwich shop in West Wash Park. A quick read through owner Noah Stephens and chef Emily Welch's menu proves that this is not your average lunch spot: The steak sandwich (l'entrecôte) layers arugula, herbed skirt steak, and walnut mustard; the lemon tuna comes stirred with chervil, cucumber, and Greek yogurt; and the tortilla española stacks a traditional potato omelet with aïoli and Manchego cheese. Even the prosaic-sounding BLT is gussied up with fresh mozzarella, and the roasted turkey comes with balsamic figs, chèvre, and pine nuts. Vert's menu encourages you to rethink lunch and reevaluate flavors by eating like a chef, while offering insight into Stephens and Welch's passion. The two met in Paris while simultaneously pursuing culinary degrees, and that Parisian influence at Vert (pronounced vehr) is pervasive. All of the items—including the salads, soups, and baked goods—adhere to French principles: made from scratch, seasonal, local, high-quality produce.

Hot Seat
This tiny spot bustles, so grab any seat you can.

Don't Miss
BLT; tortilla española sandwich; curry chicken salad

Did You Know?
The kids' meal may be the best deal in town, with a crustless sandwich, seasonal fruit, and an organic juice box for $6.