The Future of Denver

The Mile High City is consistently hailed as one of the best places to live in the United States—and who are we to argue? But with an additional 1.5 million people expected to move to the Front Range by 2035, our treasured lifestyle may be at risk. We dug through reams of city-planning documents, talked to dozens of Coloradans, and put together a vision for the future of our city. Now, it's time to make this vision a reality.

December 2009
  • Round the Clock
    How downtown is morphing from an office and club district into a full-time mixed-use neighborhood.
  • Taking a Different Tack
    The new zoning code offers a streamlined approach to neighborhood renovation.
  • All Aboard
    New live-work developments keep the car in the garage.
  • The Finished Line
    FasTracks' expanding budget is worrisome, but not completing the rail system would come at a far greater cost.
  • Back to the Future
    Forget the exurbs; the hottest spot for redevelopment is right here in the city.
  • Get Smart
    Why the Colorado Paradox must be addressed.
  • Servicing the Suburbs
    How better collaboration between Denver and its neighbors will save money in the long run.
  • Easy Streets
    Building boulevards for people—not just for cars.
  • Streetcars Desired
    Reviving the old trolley lines would reconnect Denver's core neighborhoods.
  • Working on the Railroad
    The high-speed mountain train has always seemed like a long shot, but we need it now more than ever.