February 2010

Tragic Anniversary

Thank you for your article on my brother, Nathan Dunlap ["The Politics of Killing," December 2008]. Today, December 14, marks the 16th anniversary of the Chuck E. Cheese murders. Yearly, I find myself browsing the Web to glean information on possible updates.

I cannot express to you the three years of hell the media, the DA, and Nathan's defense team put my family and me through, nor can I convey the turmoil of exposing our dysfunction to the world. I cannot explain the constant pain I feel when I think about how different my life would be if my brother had not been involved in this tragedy. Sixteen years later, I cannot stop crying for the families of the victims. Although I don't agree with every word in the article, in all, it was a beautifully written piece, and I appreciate the effort you put into it. I wish for everyone affected continued healing.
Adinea M. Dunlap-Ashlock
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Back to the Future

I thoroughly enjoyed Patrick Doyle's well-written and thoughtful article about "The Future of Denver" [December 2009]. I especially enjoyed the views of several people he talked with—Dick Farley is a gem and as thoughtful an urban designer as there is. I was pleased to read Brad Buchanan's observation that buildings, at their best, create great public space. Actually designing cities to this hierarchy creates greatness—Paris, New York, Amsterdam. I think our car culture combined with a newer, bigger, me-first attitude eschews the brilliance of strong, contextual background building. We really aren't very good at that.
Susan Barnes-Gelt
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Friendly Confinement

Thank you for your fine article on the Transition program at the Boulder County Jail ["The Feel-Good Jail," December 2009]. We appreciate your good reporting on an important program that is truly helping folks return safely to our community. I am part of FOCUS, a nonprofit mentoring program that works with Boulder County Jail inmates pre- and post-release. Our program is also showing good success in decreasing the recidivism rate by offering a caring adult mentor.
Leah Sullivan

Project Runway

I just wanted to say thank you for featuring a dress by Lela Rose in the December issue ["Vintage Glamour"] of 5280. Rose is one of my favorite designers, and she graduated from CU in 1991, where she studied art, before studying at the Parsons School of Design in NYC.

It's exciting to see a designer with local ties end up in the magazine—please keep up the fabulous (and stylish!) articles. As a fashion blogger, they're one of the reasons I continue to subscribe to 5280.
Chloe Lowell
Castle Rock

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