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June 2010


If there's some version of contemporary art—whether it's music, fine art, film, performance art, or something else entirely—happening in the Denver-Boulder area, Christina Kiffney's funky, arts-focused, up-to-date site will have it posted.

Theater buffs probably already know about this all-things-drama-related site, but for those who'd like to delve deeper into our city's (and other adjacent cities') sometimes-under-the-radar theater scene, this is the place to start. Its extensive list of current shows, as well as links to recent critiques, makes planning a night out at the theater a pleasure.

The Post's John Moore offers easily digestible critiques and descriptions of local shows as well as relevant news items, trend pieces, and, every so often, a good old-fashioned rant: "It's the oddest and most exasperating thing I come across in my job, and I come across it every day: Red- (and blue-) blooded Americans insisting on spelling 'theater' according to the British spelling: 'TheatRE.' "

Frenetic design aside, this informative site—a complement to the organization's magazine—is a jewel for Colorado's grassroots music scene. Posting concert dates, band profiles, reviews, MP3s, and columns, the site offers previews of bands you don't even know you like yet.