Wild, Wild Web

Our totally subjective, highly opinionated, and completely practical guide to the smart, interesting, eminently useful, and downright entertaining websites coming out of Colorado today.

June 2010


The local version of the nonprofit American Independent News Network, its left-leaning coverage goes beyond politics to include topics such as the economy, the environment, and religion.
|| Hot Click The "Media Watch" section keeps tabs on local and national outlets and how they cover various hot-button stories.

Coloradopols.com digs into the political minutiae statewide, but in a good way, offering news and analysis of races, candidates, and no small amount of scuttlebutt culled from other online sources.
|| Hot Click The ticker running along the left side of the site has frequently updated sound-bite commentary—complete with up or down arrows—about all of Colorado's pols and upcoming races.

A no-frills site modeled after the Drudge Report in design and tone, Completecolorado.com cleverly manages to tint almost every story it produces or links to with a political angle that tends toward the small-government, low-tax libertarianism that's so prevalent throughout the West.
|| Hot Click The site's main page includes links to dozens of Colorado print and broadcast media outlets and personalities.