July 2010

Two More Years?

Robert Sanchez's article on Betsy Markey ["Why is this Woman Smiling?," May] described her energy and drive. However, it might be useful to underscore that many of us support Markey because she embodies the best combination of hard work, pragmatism, and compassion. When Markey was elected, it was not only dissatisfaction with her opponent, it was also a realization that we could have a representative that actually worked for all of us. She has proven to be an effective representative (for example, consider her cosponsorship of a bill to strip insurance companies of their antitrust exemption). We voters in the 4th Congressional District have the opportunity to return her to Congress this November. I look forward to working toward that goal, and I encourage everyone in the 4th to join many of their friends and neighbors in that effort.
Jeri D. Shepherd

I enjoyed reading your article on Betsy Markey in the May issue. It was a balanced piece, and Robert Sanchez portrayed her as a real person. I was amazed that she won the election against Marilyn Musgrave. Perhaps Markey will win again.

I lived for a couple of years in Fort Collins and developed a great respect for the people there and those out on the Plains. Sanchez described them well also. After reading this piece, I will go back and read Sanchez's article on Dana Perino ["Dana Inc.," January]. I expect that it will be interesting as well.
Curt Cochran
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Sticker Shock

In your May edition, the article on Mecca Grill ["Hummus Heaven"] claims it has "bargain-basement prices," and the "our favorites" sidebar lists several "bargains." You may want to drive over to the actual restaurant and check out the prices on the menu. The prices are much higher.

Your bargain lamb and beef shawarma is now $11.95 (you listed it at $8.95). What happened to "nothing's more than $10.95?" All of the entrées are over $10.95. Did Mecca Grill raise prices after the article was published, or did Daliah Singer do sloppy journalism and pull up an outdated menu online?
Alfred Cavallo

5280 confirmed that Mecca Grill did indeed raise its menu prices after our thorough fact-checking process was complete and before the May issue hit newsstands. —Ed.

In the April issue's "52 Amazing Weekends" we reported a price of $740 for a double occupancy rate on AAA's Wine Train. The price is $740 per person based on double occupancy. In the May issue's "The Full Catastrophe," the author inadvertently used three sentences from a commencement address Steve Jobs delivered at Stanford University in 2005 without correctly attributing them. We regret the errors.