The 5280 Football Preview

Our rip-roarin’, QB-battlin’, coach-firin’, trash-talkin’ look at the upcoming season on Colorado’s most-storied gridirons

August 2010

This article was a finalist for the 2011 City and Regional Magazine Award in the lifestyle/leisure interests category. 


If sports are reality TV at its finest, then we have one helluva football season (49 new episodes!) to look forward to here in Colorado. Both college and pro games ramp up in less than five weeks, and the plotlines are juicy. There’s a true freshman taking the snaps in Fort Collins, a coach on the hot seat in Boulder, and towering expectations down in the Springs. Oh, and did you hear that a guy named Tim Tebow is suiting up for the Broncos? • We know you’re already salivating at the thought of tailgate food, twitching in anticipation of Saturdays and Sundays spent on the couch, remote firmly in hand, and gearing up to bask in all the glory your team is sure to garner. Let’s face it though: The thing you crave most is smashmouth gridiron action, where brutal hits elicit ooohs from the crowd, a little trickeration moves everyone to the edges of their seats, and a perfectly executed play-action pass quickly reminds you that this is the sport all other sports aspire to be. Here, we preview the teams you want to know about and give you the lowdown on the season’s most compelling storylines—both on and off the field.