Blazing Puns

Colorado’s medical marijuana shops achieve new highs in lowbrow, stoner wordplay.

October 2010

When the Centennial State’s medicinal marijuana business went from sticky to leafy to fully packed, it inspired legions of budding entrepreneurs to explore previously uncut frontiers of pun-y cleverness—ideas they hashed out, no doubt, in smoke-filled rooms. We thought it was time to peer through the haze and see which ones have cropped up most memorably. (Note: Given the industry’s hit-or-miss nature, some of these buzzes may have been killed by the time you read this.)

Medically Minded

  • Karmaceuticals
  • The Releaf Center
  • The Health Joint
  • Budding Health
  • Chronic Wellness

Only in Colorado

  • Cherry Creek High Expectations
  • A Mile High
  • Rocky Mountain High
  • Higher Elevation
  • Medical Products

Seemed Funny at the Time

  • Mr. Stinky's
  • Antonio's Ye Old Cannabis Shoppe
  • The Blueberry Twist
  • Daddy Fat Sacks

Puns and Idioms

  • Best Budz
  • Here We Grow
  • The Green Room
  • Friendly Fire
  • The Herban Center

Sort of Corporate

  • The Happiness Consultants
  • Dr. Reefer
  • Pot Pie LLC
  • Bud Med